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  • June - Manoj Yadav defended his thesis at Jadavpur University. Prof. Indra Dasgupta (IACS) was his external examiner. He provisionally obtained his Ph.D. degree.
  • July - As a part of the NET-56 Project funded by ICTP-OEA , Dr. Narayan Adhikari visited our group with his students Gopi Kaphle, Rabi Khanal and Chandramani Adhikary. Gopi stayed back as a PhD student with us.
  • August - Shreemoyee Ganguly submitted her thesis to the West Bengal University of Technology.
  • September - Santosh Roy submitted his thesis to WBUT
  • December - Moshiour Rahaman submitted his thesis to WBUT 

  • April -  Shreemoyee obtained her PhD from WBUT
  • May -  Rudra submitted his thesis to Calcutta University 
  • July -  Prashant submitted his thesis to Calcutta University
  • August -   Suman joined the Group for PhD from Calcutta University  

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