Ranjit                         Debi                             Abhijit at 22                       Abhijit at 65              Bratati

                                                  Arijit                      Rubina                               Jayanti                 Aniruddha                               Ruchira              Swarnangsu

                                                                                                             Debjit                  Oishaani                           Sreeya


  • 1946 Born in Calcutta to Ranjit and Debi Mookerjee
  • 1954 Admitted to St. Xavier's School, Calcutta
  • 1963 Passed GCE and Senior Cambridge and stood first in Northern India. Joined Presidency College, Calcutta   with    Maths Honours
  • 1966 Obtained B.Sc. (Hons) degree from the Calcutta University. Joined Imperial College, London, UK with Maths (Special)
  • 1968 Obtained B.Sc. (Special) degree from London University and A.R.C.S.
         Joined St. John's College, Cambridge, UK studying Tripos (Maths) Part III
  • 1969 Completed Tripos Part III and migrated to do research in Condensed Matter Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge.
         Although my official supervisor was Prof. Brian Josephson,
         I worked mostly in the group of Prof. Volker Heine closely with Roger Haydock.
  • 1973 Obtained Ph.D. degree from Cambridge University. Started to work as a Research Assistant in the Cavendish Laboratory. 
  • 1973 Married Bratati Ghatak in Calcutta
  • 1974 Son Arijit was born in Cambridge
           Returned to India and joined Prof. S.K. Joshi's Group in Roorkee University as a CSIR Silver Jubilee            Fellow
  • 1975 Joined IIT, Kanpur as a Lecturer
  • 1978 Promoted to Assitant Professor at IIT, Kanpur.
          Daughter Jayanti was born in Calcutta
  • 1982 Daughter Ruchira was born in Calcutta
  • 1985 Spent a year in ICTP, Trieste, Italy for my sabbatical. Promoted to Professor at IIT, Kanpur
  • 1989 Joined the S.N. Bose National Centre as a Professor, on leave from IIT, Kanpur
  • 1990 Resigned from IIT, Kanpur for permanent post at S.N. Bose National Centre 
  • 1998 Spent six months at IIT, Kanpur for my sabbatical.  
  • 1999 Son Arijit married Rubina Majumdar in Calcutta.
          Appointed Dean (Academic Programme) at S.N. Bose National Centre, Calcutta
  • 2000 Grandson Debjit was born in Calcutta to Arijit  and Rubina
  • 2001 Promoted to Senior Professor at S.N. Bose National Centre, Kolkata. 
         Elected Fellow National Academy of Sciences
          Reappointed Dean (Academic Programme)
  • 2004 Daughter Jayanti married Aniruddha Das in Kolkata
  • 2005 Appointed Director of S.N. Bose National Centre, Kolkata
  • 2006 Appointed Dean (Faculty) at the S,N, Bose National Centre, Kolkata
  • 2007 Daughter Ruchira married Swarnangshu Acharyya in Kolkata
  • 2007 Grandaughter Oishaani born in Kolkata to Jayanti and Aniruddha
  • 2008 Grandaughter Shreeya born in Kolkata to Ruchiraand Swarnangsu
  • 2009 Suffered a massive heart attack but in God's grace survived
  • 2011 Retired, but stay on as Emeritus Scientist at the S.N. Bose Centre

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